Wednesday, December 18, 2013


This morning I did a face mask out of honey, olive oil and baking powder and left it on for about ten minutes. It felt very cleansing and moisturizing afterwards, then I smeared some coconut oil in my face and i added some in my hair as well before I got in the shower. 
Today I washed my hair with only conditioner, I used one from Garnier called Respons with Avocado oil and Shea butter, it's silicon and paraben free DAMN GOOD CONDITIONER.
Well, my hair got quiet heavy after using this conditioner I really prefer the baking soda and ACV wash as the hair gets more body from that, but I bought this conditioner so I could prepare to bleach some orange and yellow tones out of my hair. I read that I you rinse your hair with ACV after it's been bleached, so I will be doing so. 


Tuesday, December 17, 2013


My hair is really getting soft now, THIS IS SO MUCH FUN HEYOO!

Really, when I have brushed my hair, it's really soft and shiny and curly and fluffy mmmh.
Expect for my ends though, they are really dry, so I wash thinking of giving my self a trim in a couple of days, so my hair can really take on this project and get really healthy.

Saturday, December 14, 2013



I bought a boar bristle brush today!! and I washed my hair today, like an hour ago.
My baking soda shampoo somehow got knocked, so I just scrubbed my scalp with only water and then I rinsed with some ACV mixed with honey, after I'd rinsed that out I poured chamomile tea over my hair a couple of times. COOLERS.

This time it definitely dries faster, as it took about 6 hours the other times I had washed my hair, now half of my hair is dry after just one hour, COOL.



I have just washed off my makeup with some honey and I LOVE IT, it smells sweet and your face gets super soft, damn love them bees!
After that I scrubbed my face with olive oil and sugar as a peeling and my face got even softer, so now I'm going to put some coconut oil in my face as well as a last moisturizer before I crawl in to bed.

Then I'm going to sleep like a soft coconut princess on my face.

Also I have not washed my hair since Sunday. SUNDAY! Well it is kind of dirty, but I felt like I was going to let it get really dirty, so my hair can let go off all the dirt that's left before I wash my hair again.

I brush my hair everyday throughly and massage a little in the scalp to move around the oil and get the blood flowing and such. Though I have not purchased a boar bristle brush yet, so my hair still takes damage from my plastic brush, euw. I will take care of that after I've bought all of my christmas gifts. COOL BEANS.

So now I know where I am in this jungle that is my no poo project, coolers. Also my lengths does not feel dirty, just my roots, mostly because I can't brush the oil through my hair boo, and my hair look yellow-like when it's dirty OH WELL!

I will sleep on my face now

Saturday, December 7, 2013


I didn't know this blog still existed, I thought that I had deleted it a long time ago. Oh well!
(I deleted all the other posts from a year ago since I didn't feel like keeping them, a new start is good.)

I felt like I needed to keep a blog about my hair since I started the no 'poo method a little more than a week ago so I need to keep track about what is happening with my hair and what works for my hair.

The first no 'poo wash I did was with baking soda as shampoo and honey as conditioner, it worked really well my hair got clean and that was the idea so hooray. Though I didn't feel as many others felt the first time they stopped using shampoo, that my hair felt immediately soft and "wow my hair has never felt better". I felt like "Yep my hair is clean, cool beans" mainly because my hair is so damaged from bleaching and heating and hair products, so my hair is very dry naturally.
Though that will change since I now felt like I wanted my hair and body to go vegan and rely on natural care.

Right know my hair is in the middle of detoxing and it hasn't been bad at all, after the first wash my hair didn't feel dirty until after three days, and then on the fourth day i put in some coconut oil and then tried to wash it out, but it's hard to was out oil with baking soda so i borrowed my dads girlfriends 100% vegan organic shampoo, and I checked the ingredients before I used it and yes it was very much organic.
So after the second wash my hair didn't need any washing until four days, well i accidentally had too much oil in my lengths so i just put in some potato flour since we didn't have any cornstarch, it worked brilliantly so that was the main reason for washing it after four days, my roots could have gone much longer since the roots weren't that oily at all.
The third wash I had was on thursday December 5th and I plan on washing my hair tomorrow otherwise it will be unbearable on monday when I have school.
Since my hair is so damaged it takes about six hours to air dry, so I need to plan ahead when I should wash it.

I really like the no 'poo method I think that it's something I won't regret doing, really how can you regret taking care of your hair and body.

I plan on using the baking soda and apple cider vinegar (or honey) washing method 'til the end of the year and the purchase a shampoo bar, just so I know my hair has gotten rid of all the toxins and I then can experiment and see what works with my hair, also there are so many different shampoo bars for different hair needs. Brilliant!

Wow what a long post!
Oh well!
(My hair after the first no 'poo wash)